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Carbon Fiber Filament Pack

$129.99 USD $164.96 USD

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Cautions for Use
  • PET-CF is NOT compatible with AMS
  • 0.2 mm Nozzle is NOT compatible with all carbon fiber filaments
$129.99 USD $164.96 USD

Carbon fiber texture & Minimized layer lines

The addition of carbon fiber gives prints a unique matte finish and effectively hides layer lines, providing a smooth, premium look.

pla cfpla cf 

Stablized printing dimension

Bambu PLA-CF features low shrinkage and warping resistance to achieve a perfect matching accuracy between prints parts.

Minimal effort in support removal

Bambu PLA-CF is designed to support itself. It can be removed more easily compared to regular PLA, and still maintains a smooth support surface.

pla cf pla cf

Less clumping and stringing

Bambu PETG-CF is improved with a modified formula that specifically addresses the issue of clumping and sticking to nozzle during PETG printing.

petg-cf petg-cf

Premium print surface

Carbon fiber brings advanced texture to the print surface, while retaining the shine of PETG itself.

petg-cf petg-cf

Exceptional Z-bonding

Bambu PAHT-CF shows much higher adhesion in Z layers compared to normal PA-CF, bringing it the ability to withstand high levels of impact or stress without breaking or deforming.

paht-cf paht-cf

High tensile strength

Bambu PAHT-CF is designed to meet the demands of various industrial and engineering applications where high strength and durability are required.

petg-cf petg-cf

High dimensional stability

Due to the creep and warping resistance of PET-CF, prints can achieve excellent matching accuracy.

pla cfpla cf 

Exceptional thermal resistance

Bambu PET CF offers super excellent thermal resistance which can resist temperatures up to 205 ˚C.

pla cf pla cf

What's in the Box:

pla basic pla basic

PETG-CF Black 1kg *1

pla basic pla basic

PLA-CF Burgundy Red 1kg *1

pla basic pla basic

PAHT-CF Black 0.5kg *1

pla basic pla basic

PET-CF Black 0.5kg *1