Bambu Lab P1P 3D Printer

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Product Features
  • Set up in 15 minutes
  • High-speed 3D printing with up to 20 m/s² acceleration
  • Upgradeable and customizable flexibility
  • Compatible with AMS for multi-color printing
  • State-of-the-art electronics
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  • Orders will be processed in 12-24 hours, and will be shipped out from the Chinese warehouse in 1-3 business days once being processed. The order status will be updated via email notifications.
  • Important Notice: We recommend placing orders for 3D printers separately from purchasing accessories and filaments. Combined orders may cause shipment delays due to the longer procedure for shipment handling.

    Upgradeable and Customizable


    P1P can be upgraded with an auxiliary part cooling fan, chamber camera and LED light. The accessories must be installed by users. The cooling fan and light require parts printed. 3MF files along with instructions will be provided for download on Dec 5th. The side panels can also be customized, printed, and installed by users. 3MF files and a 3D model will be provided for download on Dec 5th with instructions included.


    What's in the box

    The P1P package comes with Screen, Spool Holder, Filament, Spare Hotend, Nozzle Wiping Pads, Power Cord, Unclogging Pin Tool, PTFE Tube, Bambu Scraper, Allen Keys, PTFE Tube Anchor, and Textured PEI Plate.
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    Bambu Lab P1P

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    Spare 0.4mm Hotend

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    Textured PEI Plate

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    Bambu Reusable Spool

    图片加载失败文案 图片加载失败文案

    1kg Bambu PLA Filament

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    Unclogging Pin Tool

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    Bambu Scraper

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    Nozzle Wiping Pad(x2)

    Product Description


    The latest 3D printer Bambu Lab P1P inherits the proven kinematics and motion control system of the X1 series, as well as the rich sensors to ensure its reliability. It is capable of connecting the automatic material system (AMS) for multi-color printing. Great for beginners, professionals, or others who enjoy the fun of being creative, the P1P has been designed for easy setup and use in minutes. Additionally, it allows upgrading and customizing hardware with mod-friendly features for people to enjoy the fun of making their own one-of-a-kind 3D printer.



  • Out of the Box printing experience. Set up in 15 minutes.
  • High-speed CoreXY structure with 20000 mm/s^² acceleration
  • Upgradeable and customizable to make your unique printer. Multi-color capability.
  • State-of-the-art electronics, including vibration compensation, pressure advance, Wifi connection, and camera.
  • Unboxing Bambu Lab P1P


    Return Policy


  • If you have placed an order containing a promotional gift(s) and such order also contains a backordered/pre-ordered Bambu Lab P1P, in the event that you cancel either the backordered/pre-ordered Bambu Lab P1P prior to the promotional gift(s) being shipped to you from the local warehouse, you will no longer be eligible for the promotional gift(s). The Bambu Lab P1P and promotional gift(s) from your order will be cancelled. You will not be charged for the cancelled Bambu Lab P1P or the promotional gift(s) from your order. If the cancelled portion of your order was pre-paid, a full refund will be issued for the cancelled pre-paid Bambu Lab P1P. Other restrictions may apply.
  • If you would like to return a Bambu Lab P1P, the promotional gift(s) and the Bambu Lab P1P must both be returned to get a full refund. $60 will be deducted from the refund if the Early Bird Gift is not returned.