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✔ Dry out before use
✔ AMS compatible
Color: Black
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Bambu PA-CF is a family of Bambu 3D printing engineering filaments, mainly consisting of PA6, PA12 and carbon fiber. PA12 helps to reduce water absorption, while PA6 helps to improve stiffness, strength, and temperature resistance. Bambu PA-CF mixes the two in optimal proportions, helping to take full advantage of them. It retains its mechanical properties even after absorbing water.

Printing Tips:
  1. Due to the abrasiveness of carbon fiber, a 0.6mm hardened steel nozzle is recommended.
  2. To reduce water absorption of PA-CF, sealed printing/preservation is recommended. When printing, you can put it in AMS with desiccant in it while aluminum foil sealed bag is recommended for preservation.
  3. If Bambu PA-CF has absorbed water, please dry it at 80°C for 8-12 hours before printing.